The Essential 8

What would happen if you were hacked and your client's data was released publicly? What would happen if you lost the minimum 7 years of records that you are legally obligated to keep?

Having your business backed up on an external hard drive that lives in an office cupboard or a staff members wardrobe won’t get your business back up and running when you get hacked. And I say when, because the questions is not if you get hacked, but when. Hackers are having a field day across this country, with more than half of all businesses hit by cyber-attacks and hackers, and over 64% of Australian businesses experienced IT disruption in 2020. *

The easiest targets are the accounting, financial services and legal sectors because you hold the most sensitive information that is lucrative to steal. How we do business has changed dramatically in the last 18 months, and with staff working remotely, even downloading or opening a PDF file that appears innocent in an inbox or online can take over your devices and systems with ransom or malware.

Businesses all over Australia are being hit by hackers and it is destroying companies across the country. Sensitive data, personal information and financial / legal records are being stolen. The Australian Cyber Security Centre has released updates to the Essential 8 Maturity Model, which is a series of baseline mitigation strategies taken from the 'Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents' recommended for organisations to protect themselves against cyber threats.

Read the latest cyber security recommendations here below ....

*Source : Australian Financial Review


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